2014 Review of the top five energy drinks


Ok you may be thinking bias because I choose to drink this one but no, I’ve drank many different ones and this one actually tastes good and makes me feel fantastic. The ingredients if bought alone would be a small fortune. The science behind it is amazing and


I don’t care for taurine so this one gave me headaches and is not my proverbial cup of tea, too much jitters from caffeine. Taste is weird so it shows what advertising can do.


I like the lemon but the same caffeine jitters.

4.Coffee  ok I drink this a little. Too much was not good for me back in 2004 and I got horrible jitters from too much.


5.Chai tea latte I like this one as it seems to be less jittery and more flavorful.

6. Oolong tea. Bland and nice, it’s a drink that was drunk by royalty and it’s nice in between green and black tea type of taste

7. Green tea.  I like this with honey and milk, it’s lot less caffeine than coffee which is nice

8. Peu ehr tea.  This seems like a black tea or rose petal type tea and is nice but stronger than green and oolong. Very popular around the world like coffee.

9. ginseng. this little one ounce vial is nice and tastes good if you don’t get the alchohal version. Seems to warm me up.

10. vitamin water. This one tastes good in the grape looking bottle, not too fond of other flavors, maybe called revive i forget but it tastes really good, b vitamins jibe well with me.

Thank you for reading my views, I’ll add more. views not neccesarily the views of EnergizeDrink.com LLC


  1. I do not receive any compensation from any company for my product reviews in cash or free products even though I used to work as an independent affiliate for the first drink mentioned’s company. I’m not currently working with them but may rejoin them in the future.
  2. I do not receive free review products (may change in the future)
  3. I purchase all products that I review and keep them, unless I resell them or give them away to a friend/relative. Usually I just keep it. I have WAY too much stuff.
  4. I may choose to communicate with product manufacturers from time to time regarding the products I review if I have questions or need clarification on product specs.
  5. All the companies mentioned and their drinks are not mine and I don’t imply or have any ownership in them. They have their own trademarks and copyrights etc and I am not infringing on those because I’m just stating my taste and my preference which doesn’t mean EnergizeDrink.com llc agrees with these opinions. I’m not a doctor and I don’t treat , cure, diagnose, or prevent any disease or illness, if you decide to drink anything at your own risk check with your doctor first just like people who start new workout routines.


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